A community is missing from the admin panel

There should be two communities present in the community tab. However, one of the communities suddenly disappeared from view.

By direct query with an API, it still shows two communities with isDeleted as false.

Please advise on how to get that one community back into view on the admin panel.

Admin Panel Version: 4.3.11

thanks for reporting. This is a known issue and we are fixing it. As a workaround, you can filter “flagged” community to see the “disappeared” communities

Just noticed that as well. One more issue is some posts are not appearing in the community. The flagged comment is on that post in which I have no way to delete the comment or simply check it out.

For posts, it has the same issue, and the workaround is to use the “flagged” filter

I see. Got it. Another side note is that even if I deleted the post that contains the flagged comment, the filter still applies the same behavior as if the comment is still there.

yes, that’s expected behavior