Acces Token Expiration

What the time for access Token expiration and how can customize it ?
or if i can’t customize it how can get it without need to make a login ?

Hello @hossam, according to Amity’s documentation at Technical FAQ - Amity Docs, the expiration time of an Authentication token is pre-set to 10 minutes and cannot be customized or extended.

So how can get access token for authenticate user every time ?

Please follow steps #3 here: Security - Amity Docs

So the access token should be valid for 30 days, then you will have to re-generate it by logging the user in again. This is our product design.

Hello I made all this steps but the Access Token doesn’t work for 30 days ,So how can solve this issue

And I already tried it in your ApiService and still got access token is invalid but i didn’t expire the 30 days

@hossam Let me pass this to my team, I’ll back to you soon.

Hello @hossam, when you mentioned that it is invalid and expire before 30 days, may we know how long the accesstoken last for? and when you generate the authtoken, where did you get the userid from?

Hello @amitysupport I didn’t realize the estimate time but some times 4 minute and some times 10 minutes and can’t specify fixed time , and i got the userId from my database

Hello I need this please ???

We have already asked for more detail on the email, kindly check.