Access Token

Hello the access token is expired after 2 min and sometimes it still for more than 2 days
so what is the error ?

Regarding the access token, we’ve inspected your network and found no errors related to the access token. However, we did notice a few errors related to your authentication token being invalid. To check this further, please help provide a screenshot of the error along with the timestamp and timezone, thank you.

Is the access token expired if the user login in from more than 1 device ??

That should not be causing the expiration issue. We would recommend reviewing your process for generating your authentication token, and ensure it’s valid, as the only error we have found on your network is authentication token being invalid.

Hello is there any api to check the authtoken if not valid or not ?
and If It valid how can i make login and register ???
I already doing login and got the access token but after sometimes 2 min and 4 min it go away

Hello the error happen in 11:04 AM Time of Egypt

Hello, we only have this end point that you can use to verify the access token validity.

Api: Amity API

After reviewing your network activity, we didn’t find any errors during the specified timeframe. For further assistance, we have already requested additional information via the Jira ticket.