Admin Access token permissions - Get Global Posts

Hi I am using the following api method with a bearer token of my admin access token taken from the console.


(Amity API)

and I am being returned the following empty results.

posts: ,
postChildren: ,
comments: ,
users: ,
files: ,
categories: ,
communityUsers: ,
feeds: ,
videoStreamings: ,
polls: ,
paging: {}

However there should be at least 3 posts, I can see them in the console and i can access using the UserId of the Posting user via different api method.

Should an admin access token have access to all user posts or have i misunderstood?

If not how, should I get a list of all public posts using the api ?

Many thanks

Hi @SSC Have you joined any communities? Generally, feed empty means you haven’t joined ones. Please note that, even though, you’re an admin, you can only get/query your own global feed.

Thanks for the response, and understood, which api method would i use as admin to get a paginable list of all posts from all users and all communities and all content posts.

Many thanks,

Hi @SSC We don’t have a completed api for this but you can first query community(Amity API) and then use community id to query posts(Amity API) and you should get all available data.