[Amity API] Documentation for permissions when creating a role

In the Swagger API Specification, under the Create Role endpoint:


there appears to be a lack of documentation around the possible permissions

If you inspect the Schema, and navigate through it, there is a comment:

The list of permission for this role. https://github.com/EkoCommunications/UpstraEngineeringGitbook/blob/feature/roles/specification/roles.md#permissions

However the link to the Mark Down document no longer exists

I also could not find this information on any of the docs pages outside Swagger either

Help Please :slight_smile:

Hello @jarrad thank you for your inquiry, I have informed the relevant team to update the docs for you, and I will inform you once it’s ready.

Here is additional document for the permission : Moderation, Roles & Privileges - Amity Docs :blush::pray:

Hi @jarrad the permission docs is ready : https://docs.amity.co/core-concepts/user/user-permission#permissions please let me know if you have further questions :pray: