Amity as the building block

I’ve looked through the topics here and have not seen anyone talk about this and my google foo is failing me.

Amity, would just be one part of a larger application, well I would think so. What are the recommendations to have and write the inevitable customizations in an application? For example you might have both mobile apps and web/desktop apps, and have a need to deal with things like subscriptions only in the web app to avoid the app store tax. Often in community-based apps you want some video training or Guides to use the FB term, what are people doing for that in this offering. You’d want to see engagement rates and other metrics to coach people to success.

This implies that you would use AWS and Amplify to store and interact with this other data. Well that is one choice, what else would you recommend. I guess in general what are some tips and tricks to dealing with Amity as your authentication/authorization source, social media back end, but then how do you link to the other things that have to exist in your applications, but then where do you store the other data you need. Of course having two datastores complicates things a bit.


Hi @thedesignatic thank you for your query and sorry for late response. Our team would like to understand more about your use case, so we can answer them accurately. Would you like to have a discussion call with us? If yes, please help provide some slots to this email :pray: