Amity Console - Can I broadcast a message to all channels?

Hello team,

I’d like to be able to send messages to every channel that exists from our company staff members; suppose as “announcements”.

I see that if you click on a Channel, you can use Broadcast Message button to send a message to that one channel:

But is there a way to broadcast a message to every channel from 1 place? And also, would like to know if I should not need to be a member in that channel to be able to broadcast a message there.

Hello, based on the design, you’re allowed to create only one broadcast message for one channel at a time. Presently, access to the Amity console is limited to administrators, which implies that only admin(s) have the authority to broadcast messages.

Is there an API way to perform this broadcasting action?

I want to broadcast a message to every team, but don’t want to have to go through this button for each time. If there’s an API for this, I can do it through code. Please let me know.

Hello, broadcasting a message is basically sending a message, so you can use this api and specific channelID: Amity API

With the Broadcast button, I can post a message with my account (an admin account) onto any channel without any problem.

With the Send Message simple API, that same account userId doesn’t let me post to any channel, only to the channel that this userId is a member of.
I am guessing I can use my admin token in place of my userId when posting with the API, trying that right now.

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