Amity Social - Add Post via API

We have additional moderation and checking to do when a user adds a post to a community. Thus we ideally want to create the post in amity through our server-side API once validation has succeeded.

Though there isn’t anything at about your API we did find another community post pointing to the swagger docs for the Amity API at Swagger UI.


  1. Is the above link the correct location for the API docs and if so, are they the latest?

  2. Are we meant to be using the API directly?

  3. from what we can gather, we need to create a user token first before being able to POST a post. Is that correct?



Straight to your questions :slight_smile:

  1. yes, the link is up to date.

  2. no, you’re not supposed to call these endpoints on your own. the main reason being it’s our “consumer” api.

  3. the token you’d generate would be for one of your users, hence the answer in #2.

For administration of posts you’d need to do with from our console (

Let me know if that helps,

In case anyone reads this in the future, the swagger docs are mentioned at . You can find the swagger docs at Swagger UI

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