Amity Social - can users be tagged in posts and comments?

In a post or comment using Amity Social, can a user be tagged using @username?

Similar to how most social networks and forums operate.

Thank you

Hi @justinb - the feature is available only for Amity Chat. However the feature is scheduled for end of year release :slight_smile:

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@touchaponk ok thanks for confirming.

Is this perhaps supported in the native ios and android platforms? As I noticed on your website it states that tagging is supported via Amity Social.

Hi @justinb - apology for the confusion. Mention on Social is definitely technically possible with the current SDK and the release by end of year is to include the parameter as native support (push notification).

To implement mention on any module right now you just need to add UI to detect @ mention and use search user: Users - Amity Docs to search and populate the popup window.

However the more tricky part is if you want to enable custom push notification such as only people who are mentioned in the post / comment should get the notification. That can be achieved with custom event-sourced app connected to our realtime webhook: Real-Time Events - Amity Docs

You can see mention in action with our demo app here:

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