Amity Social Cloud for multiple organizations

I want to use Amity social cloud for multiple organizations, is there a way to use it without creating each account amity for each organizations ?
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@cipiklevis Hi,

Confirming if you meant for using ASC console?
You can create admin accounts for your various organisations Moderation, Roles & Privileges - Amity Docs

Else can you help elaborate your use case further.

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Amity Support

Thank for you response.
Yes i’m talking about ASC console.
There is no way to distinguish users or communities by a specific organisations i see on Moderation Roles and Privileges.
My need is to use ASC for multiple organizations on my platform. This means that every organization has its own users that they can use Social UIKIT and Chat UIKIT. So users of one organization should not be messed with users of another organization.
Is there a possibility to do that with Amity Console?

Thank you in advance.
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Hi @cipiklevis

Unfortunately this isn’t possible, you’ll have to create an account for each organizations.

If there’s anything we can assist please with let us know.
Amity Support