Amity UI Kit Installation

Hi Amity Dev Team,
Wish you the best!

I tried to use Amity web ui-kit open source so followed your commands to install them on my project.

  1. git clone
  2. cd Amity-Social-Cloud-UIKit-Web-OpenSource
  3. npm ci
  4. npm build
  5. npm link

Above commands were successful.

  1. npm link @amityco/ui-kit-open-source --install-links --save

But I got some errors with this command.

I hope you help me well soon.

Hi @bitechd ,

Thanks for your inquiry and thank you!

May we please confirm which web version you’re using?

Amity Support


I’m using Next.js.

  • next: 13.3.1
  • react: 18.2.0

Thank you.

Can you try running npm ls -g to check the registry?

Hi @topAmity,

Could you please let me know what the best way to use your UI kit is?
Online npm module installation or local registeration?

Thank you!

Online npm module is the fastest way to try our UIKit in case that you don’t have any extra customization(, We recommend you to use our local registration in case that you want to fork the code from our github repo and customize the code in UIKit on your own side

Got it. You message made me clear.