AmityUIKit error message

I have added AmityUIKit in my project and then added framework also but I got an error message like this
“The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format”

Hi @Janani Can you please share with us the steps you setting up this project in detail? would be great if you could also share a screen record when you install our uikit, thank you :pray:

Hi team, attaching the video of installing the UIKit, would be really helpful if we get this resolved at the earliest.

Video link -

Thank you in advance!!


Hi @Janani Please follow the steps on this Medium How to create a Social app on iOS with Amity Social Open-source UIKit | by Mark Worachote | Medium

Recommendation: Use “git submodule add” to directly clone UIKit project to main project.

Hi team, we followed the same protocol yet we are receiving the same error message please check and get back on this ASAP.