[AmityUIKitClient] Add Option to limit attachments types

Is it possible to limit in the the Post Creation fragment/activity the attachment options? We would like to exclude Files and Videos for privacy reasons when creating a post

Hell Franco!
We currently don’t support an ability to exclude files/videos at the moment. However i’d suggest you to create your custom post creation fragment/activity using our SDK functions which can be found here →
Create a text post : https://docs.amity.co/social/android/posts#create-a-text-post
Create an image post : https://docs.amity.co/social/android/posts#create-an-image-post

Thanks Trust,
We actually ended up doing that, to have a custom creation post. But that’s why I also created the other issue related to the Edit Post option. The current edit post option, will take the user to the Amity Post creation fragment, which I can’t seem to intercept, and that offers the user again the option to attach anything.

Hi Trust! I work with Franco and just wanted to follow up on this post to reiterate that we need to remove ability to add files and videos to reduce the risk to our business. Is there anything else we can do here to solve this? If not is there a way I can escalate this to see if the Android SDK can be changed to better support this? It hasn’t been an issue on iOS, only Android. Any extra support here would be much appreciated.

Hello Mel and Franco, our tech success team will reach out to you for further discussions.

Looks like version 2.6.1 is now exposing a way to limit the attachment options if you use the post creation fragment.
But how does this apply when we use the built-in Amity feed, and a user chooses to edit a post from there? We still can’t limit the attachment options there, can we?

Hello @franco by design, users are not allowed to choose/add new attachments in the edit post section, they can only edit text and delete existing attachments.

I do see the options to attach new attachments when editing, see the following video:

Although, it doesn’t attach the photo. Which is very confusing.

Hello Franco :smiley:
May i double check again if the version that you’re using is 2.6.1? We have hidden the compose bar in tan edit page in the version 2.6.1 and above. The post editing page shouldn’t show the compose bar as your attached video.