Any function to get a data from multiple communities at once?

I have a list of community’s ID, which I want to get a data (e.g. avatarFileID, displayName, …)

Nowadays, I’m using communityForId with a map to get the data. After that, I use the result to show on screen. I’ve code like this. => {
      const recommendCommunity =  CommunityRepository.communityForId(
      recommendCommunity.on('dataUpdated', data => {
        const text = data.displayName
        const filterCommunity = { id:, text: text, image: data.avatarFileId }

It takes a while to get all the data one by one, and sometimes the screen shows up before all the data was complete.

So, does any function would helps to get all the data at once?


At the moment we don’t support this feature in our platform. We’ll add this into our improvement board and let you know if/when it’ll be scheduled for release.

Meanwhile, I believe that you can directly use the community object as given by the recommendedCommunities function. The call for communityForId seems redundant as it’ll end up pulling the same data over again.