Avatar is not showing for Recommended community and Today's trending community

In AmityTrendingCommunnityAdapter.kt I can see the avatar is null.

Please check this below method

override fun bind(data: AmityCommunity?, position: Int) {
            binding?.tvCount?.text = "${position.plus(1)}"
            binding?.avatarUrl = data?.getAvatar()?.getUrl(AmityImage.Size.MEDIUM)
            binding?.community = data
            binding?.listener = listener
            binding?.tvMembersCount?.text = itemView.context.getString(
            binding?.tvCategory?.text =
                data?.getCategories()?.joinToString(separator = " ") { it.getName() }

            if (data?.getCategories().isNullOrEmpty()) {
                binding?.tvCategory?.visibility = View.GONE
            } else {
                binding?.tvCategory?.visibility = View.VISIBLE

here I can see the avatarImage is null , I too attached the screenshot.
Not sure why it’s null. Please help

Hi @IMKalpataru please set community’s avatar first, then query it pls :pray: here’s the sample code for update community: Update Community - Amity Docs

Hi @amitysupport we have already updated the community detail page. On the details page I can see the image also on other pages I can see the Avatar but in Recommended and today’s trending section it’s null.

Hi @IMKalpataru, may I know your current SDK version please?

Hi @IMKalpataru We found the cause and we’re working on fixing it. I’ll get back to you when we’re done. :pray:

Thanks @amitysupport , Please let us know once it’s done

Hi @IMKalpataru We have fixed this issue on SDK 5.27.1, UIKit 2.26.1, UIKit Opensource 2.26.1, please let me know if you’re still facing the issue.

Hi @amitysupport we are checking it. if any further help is required we will inform you.

hi @amitysupport after upgrading to 5.27.1 the user profile pic is not showing as well as not updating.

Hi @IMKalpataru, I will pass this to the team for further investigation and get back to you soon.

hi @amitysupport after upgrading the SDK to 5.28.0 the profile picture issue got fixed.

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Thank you for the update :))

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Welcome @amitysupport :slightly_smiling_face: