Block User option inside app

Hi team ,
Due to below reason our app got rejected from play store
" Provide an in-app system for users to remove/block other users for potential violations" ,so we are planned to add block user option inside the app . After verified amity document seems Block user is in Beta feature. Is that possible to add that option inside the app?

Hi @Sangeetha ,

Yes it is. For that we’d need your:

  1. Target Region
  2. NetworkID
  3. Apikey

Thank you,
Amity Support

Hi ,

  1. Target Region - US
  2. NetworkID
  3. Apikey -

What is NetwordID here.
And do we need to add any code from mobile end or it will be handle by amity backend.

Hi @Sangeetha

Apologies we can help you retrieve the network ID, can we please have your APIKey?
Please send to our support email

That’s all the info we need for enablement, no mobile code needed yet.

Thank you


We’ve saved your API Key and deleted your previous reply for your security.

Amity Support

Hi @amitysupport

I am not clear , could you please explain about above chat. We want to block user from inside app.

@Sangeetha We are currently working on enabling the block user feature. Once the process is completed, we will inform you so that you can implement it on your application (Block User - Amity Docs)

Hi @Sangeetha

Thank you for your patience. Your block user feature has been enabled.

Amity Support