Bugs on MessageRepository.updateMessage(params)


Previously MessageRepository.updateMessage(params) worked just fine. but recently it throws an error like this

ASCError: ASCWebSDK: Parameters validation error!
    at new e (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at d.eval (client.min.js?8fd6:34)
    at d.onack (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at d.onpacket (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at d.eval (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at d.n.emit (client.min.js?8fd6:23)
    at d.ondecoded (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at f.eval (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at f.n.emit (client.min.js?8fd6:23)
    at f.add (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at d.ondata (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at l.eval (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at l.n.emit (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at l.onPacket (client.min.js?8fd6:34)
    at h.eval (client.min.js?8fd6:34)
    at h.n.emit (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at h.o.onPacket (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at h.o.onData (client.min.js?8fd6:25)
    at WebSocket.ws.onmessage (client.min.js?8fd6:36)

it updates local data, but it failed to update the server. so when you refresh the page, the message back to before edit

Hi @aizaiz - could you please share the params you’ve passed in + SDK version you’re using?

Hi @touchaponk Here is the params:

  "messageId": "273a4794a8000eca93a8bda7d870ab17",
  "data": {
    "text": "{\"type\":\"doc\",\"content\":[{\"type\":\"paragraph\",\"content\":[{\"type\":\"text\",\"text\":\"wr edit message\"}]}]}"

Just a note the value of the text is a stringify JSON

@touchaponk I’m using version 5.5.0

Hi @touchaponk any update for this?
could you please confirm if you can replicate the bug, or this is occurs only on my side?

Hello @aizaiz, sorry for the late reply, we would like to inform you that this issue has already been fixed in the recent backend deployment v4.17.0. Should you have further questions, please let us know.