Can I community-moderator do moderation without joining community

Hi @amitysupport

Let say a user is with role community-moderator

Can he do moderation stuff without joining any community?


Hello, if you’re referring to community moderators who have access exclusively through the app, the answer is no. By design, users must join the community first before they can interact with posts, comments, or other users. This requirement also applies to moderators; they are initially regular users and must have membership status before being promoted.

However, there is another way that allows admins/moderators to moderate without joining the community. It’s through our console:

Thanks for the reply. Just for more clarity: There are roles defined in amity console (Global Roles). There is a user who can be super-moderator or community-moderator. What I understand from your response that he must join community to do more operations like add/remove users in the community, edit/delete comments or posts in community. Right?

Updated: I tried with a user who is in global role (community-moderator) but not joined the community and I am able to exercise all permissions.

Now I have another question. Can I limit (community-moderator or custom global role) to specific communities? I want moderator to update specific communities only.

Yes, you can limit a community-moderator or custom role to specific communities. Assign the role to users for only the communities they should moderate through the Amity console. This ensures moderators only have permissions in selected communities. For detailed instructions, visit: Managing Community Memberships.