Can I update a custom post?

I am using for creating user post.

I’m trying to update the custom post following Posts - Amity Docs

const post = PostRepository.updatePost({
    postId: 'post123',
    data: { 
     text: 'hello!',
     otherField: 'anything',

But I got the error message )

ASCError: ASCWebSDK: Parameters validation error!

Is there any way to update a custom post properly?


Thanks for the question, I don’t think we have a field called otherField. I believe that’s the reason why it says validation error.

Thank you for a quick reply.

Is there other way to update a custom post? our custom post contains text, metadata, imageIds, other custom fields.


Unfortunately only text is editable via web sdk at the moment (Posts - Amity Docs)