Can we add image and video in same post in flutter

Not working with both image and videos

  • AmitySocialClient.newPostRepository()
    .then((AmityPost post) => {
    .onError((error, stackTrace) => {
    //handle error

@princegoyal Let me pass this to ask my team, i’ll back to you as soon as possible.

@princegoyal After checking with our team, we found that creating a post with both image and video content is not currently supported. We appreciate your input and will consider it as a feature request, aiming to enhance the capabilities of our product and services.

I was wondering the same thing. Would a custom post work for now?

@socialjawn Currently, our system doesn’t support creating a post with both image and video content simultaneously. However, we value your feedback and will consider it for future updates to improve our product. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.