Cannot find setEkoConfig method in EkoClient after upgrading UIKit from 1.8.2 to 1.9.2

The current implementation uses “EkoClient.setEkoConfig” method in configuring the Eko SDK Environment as following value: [“sdk_environment”:“”]

However, the current UIKit version (1.9.2) seems to not have this method anymore. I suspect that the name changes to setDomainKey instead. Does this have the same functionality?

I tried passing in EkoClient.setDomainKey(“”) and it still doesn’t work.

Please advise as this is currently a breaking change. Thank you.

UIkit 1.9.2 comes with EkoChat 4.6.0, which environment setup has been deprecated and customers/developers are not allow to access setEkoConfig function.
As a result, env for customers will be the same and unable to change.