Can't add reaction: unknown messageId

I tried adding reaction to a message using web sdk but it says “unknown messageId”.

The code:

Hello @wzulfikar ,

Out of curiosity, has the message been loaded in memory before you try to add a reaction to it?

Does “loaded in memory” mean i queried the message before hand (so it’s loaded locally)? I added the reaction after i created the message. So, the message’s data status could still be at local.

Does adding reaction require the message to be at server first or it’s possible to “optimistically” add the reaction?

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Hi @wzulfikar, we would suggest you try to use this script to adding reaction to a message

Please let us know if you face the same problem after trying this.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for the answer.

When you say “i added the reaction after i created the message” - do you wait that the message has been sent to the server to create the reaction (the liveMessage.dataStatus should be fresh - not local)?

No, i didn’t wait for dataStatus to be fresh (sent to server). Should I wait for it to be fresh? Because I thought such interaction can be done optimistically (queued in local and sync’d with server at later time)