Chat-SocketIO for listening to image messages


I’m trying to get Image messages in realtime by listening to websocket events.

I tried using socket.on('message.didCreate' but it doesn’t contain the image information '(fileId, fileUrl). I tried to use the webhook version 5 v5.message.didCreate with my socket io connection but it doesn’t get any message.

Could you help? If there’s another method to listen in realtime to newly created messages with image/file information, I’m open to suggestions.

Thank you for your help!

Hello @cedBYW,

We do not provide support for WebSocket directly, so we recommend that you use the SDK to implement this feature. Please follow this documentation: Query and Filter Messages.


Thank you for your message. You do provide support for Websockets, it’s in your API documentation ( and also in your FLutter SDK (

Querying and filtering is not in realtime and reactive. There are no other example in your documentation and your Flutter examples to observe in realtime when a message is created and get the associated file information.

Could you please check with your Flutter development team?

Hello @cedBYW , Thank you for your message.

I appreciate your feedback and understand the confusion. To clarify:

  1. The document you referenced pertains to webhooks, not WebSockets.
  2. We have recently updated our real-time connection protocol from WebSocket to MQTT protocol. As a result, we no longer provide technical support for WebSocket.
  3. The code you mentioned is outdated and will be removed soon. We do not recommend using it as a guideline for development.

Thank you for your message.

Could you please then provide a valid example in Flutter for my needs if the code in the example is outdated?

Hello @cedBYW ,We recommend using the SDK as outlined in this document: Query and Filter Messages.