Chat UIKit Beta

The Web Chat UIKit (React) is still marked as a beta. Is there an estimate for when it will be out of beta?

Based on other messages on the forum, it looks like it’s been under development for a couple of years…

Hi @kelly_kiksasa ,

We don’t have plans to move this from beta yet, but it should be usable by September 2023.

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Amity Support

Is there a list of what will be implemented in September? In particular in the Chat Room, will you be supporting insert images or files?

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I second this. Would love to see a roadmap or a planned list of features, even if without a strict timeline.

Hi @abhishek @edddom thank you for your interest in keeping up with our product updates. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a list of planned features or a roadmap. We’ll definitely keep you informed through our official documentation.

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