Collection New Fields

It is possible to add additional columns to the data model to enrich user information?

Hello !

We have few options for you:

  1. the user.tags array, which can be used to put markers on some specific users. It’s handy since you’ll have the ability to filter by tag in the user query function.

  2. for more general use, we have a “user.metadata” object which is a free form json object that can be used to store some extra information about your users. it’s worth noticing that since this object is free form, there are no functionality to filter a query according to criterias related to it.

More generally, the user object of the Amity platform should rather be seen as a complement of the user object which you already store in your own database ; that’s one of the reason why we don’t have specific fields for your user’s personal informations (password, email, phone number, gender, birthday, etc…).

Let me know if that helped!