Could Amity Social be used to create a forum-style site?

I’m building a forum-style product (similar to Reddit). I’ve tried Discourse, Circle, Tribe etc - but none are sufficiently customisable.

So I’m thinking of using Amity Social to power the forum.

The user stories I’m looking to deliver are as follows

  • View a list of trending (or latest) posts
  • View a list of topics/channels
  • Follow a topic
  • Create a topic
  • Create a post
  • Comment on a post
  • Upvote/Downvote a post/comment
  • Search the forum posts (and comments)
  • Sort the forum posts by data/rating/trending

It feels like Amity Social would be able to power those user stories. But are there any blockers I’m missing?

Hi @paddys - apology for the late response. You can certainly do those features - however sorting psots by data could be a bit tricky since it’s a very dynamic way. We offer customizable post ranking: Custom Post Ranking - Amity Docs so you might be able to design and tailor the algorithm.

However if you want to create multiple sorting options then you might need to utilize our real-time webhook system: Webhook Events - Amity Docs to replicate all posts / engagement / activities out to the external system to perofrm its own ranking.