Creating a comment doesn't trigger live object changes

Starting from @amityco/ts-sdk: 6.24.0 creating a comment does not trigger getComments method callback to be triggered. Updating a single comment or removing it, works fine tho.

Hello @jfiejka could you please update to version 6.26.2 and check if the issue persists? We have addressed some common issues in our latest release. If the problem continues, kindly provide the relevant code and logs showing where the function was not triggered. This will help us assist you better. Thank you.

Hey, yes. I noticed that after updating the package to 6.26.3, so it still persits. Iā€™m using the exact piece of code from your docs.

Hello @jfiejka , From your issues, we recommend trying to subscribe to the following for updates:

subscribeTopic(getPostTopic(post, SubscriptionLevels.COMMENT));

This should help you get the necessary updates.

Thank you, it helped!

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