Embedding Amity Social UIKit into a Flutter app

Managed to embed Amity Social (AmityCommunityHomePageViewController) into my Flutter app. UI renders normally, and I can click most actions (Like, New Post, etc) but there are a few actions like clicking on Comment (see screenshot attached) that fail to respond to my clicks. I can see the Comment buttons reacting to my clicks, but they are not opening the comment section. Do you know what’s causing this?

Flutter code:

UiKitView amityView = UiKitView(
key: UniqueKey(),
viewType: viewType,
hitTestBehavior: PlatformViewHitTestBehavior.opaque,
layoutDirection: TextDirection.ltr,
creationParams: creationParams,
creationParamsCodec: const StandardMessageCodec());

home: amityView,


@objc class AppDelegate: FlutterAppDelegate {
override func application(
_ application: UIApplication,
didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey : Any]?
) → Bool {
GeneratedPluginRegistrant.register(with: self)
weak var registrar = self.registrar(forPlugin: “amity-plugin”)
let controller = window?.rootViewController as! FlutterViewController
let factory = FLNativeViewFactory(messenger: registrar!.messenger(), controller:controller)
self.registrar(forPlugin: “amity-plugin”)!.register(
withId: “HomeFeed”)
return super.application(application, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: launchOptions)


class FLNativeViewFactory: NSObject, FlutterPlatformViewFactory {
    private var messenger: FlutterBinaryMessenger
    private var _controller:UIViewController

    init(messenger: FlutterBinaryMessenger, controller:UIViewController) {
        self.messenger = messenger
        self._controller = controller

    func create(
        withFrame frame: CGRect,
        viewIdentifier viewId: Int64,
        arguments args: Any?
    ) -> FlutterPlatformView {
        return FLNativeView(
            frame: frame,
            viewIdentifier: viewId,
            arguments: args,
            binaryMessenger: messenger, controller:_controller)

class FLNativeView: NSObject, FlutterPlatformView {
    private var _view: UIView
    private var _controller:UIViewController

        frame: CGRect,
        viewIdentifier viewId: Int64,
        arguments args: Any?,
        binaryMessenger messenger: FlutterBinaryMessenger?,
    ) {
        AmityUIKitManager.setup(apiKey: "b0efe05c6fd2a2671e34851d035d1089d65fdfb7e8333b2e", region:AmityRegion.US)

        AmityUIKitManager.registerDevice(withUserId: amityUserId, displayName: amityDisplayName) { success, error in
            print("[AmityUIKit] Login \(success ? "successfully" : "failed") \(error?.localizedDescription ?? "")")
        _controller = controller
        let homeController = AmityCommunityHomePageViewController.make()
        _view = homeController.view
        homeController.didMove(toParent: _controller)

    func view() -> UIView {
        return _view

Hello @foobar I have passed to the team to check on this, will keep you posted :pray:

hi friends, any updates on this?

Hi @foobar after the team has checked, our product hasn’t supported flutter integrated with uikit yet. This causes some functionalities don’t fully operate.

bummer, any timelines when flutter support will be added?

Hello, there isn’t a solid timeline at the moment :pray:

fixed the issue. I wrapped AmityCommunityHomePageViewController in a UINavigationController before adding it as a child to my main view and now the UI is responding to events correctly.

let homeController = AmityCommunityHomePageViewController.make()
        let navigationController = UINavigationController(rootViewController: homeController)
        _view = navigationController.view
        navigationController.didMove(toParent: _controller)
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