Error installing SDK via Cocoapod

I got this error when installing SDK using pod install

[!] Error installing EkoChat
[!] /usr/bin/git clone /var/folders/g0/xtsb9g3j4jgd640kb_c239c00000gn/T/d20210313-8388-lszsn8 --template= --single-branch --depth 1 --branch 4.7.0

Cloning into '/var/folders/g0/xtsb9g3j4jgd640kb_c239c00000gn/T/d20210313-8388-lszsn8'...
Note: switching to '5305c62e27e27b27c7d876e0f040588b620be40e'.

You are in 'detached HEAD' state. You can look around, make experimental
changes and commit them, and you can discard any commits you make in this
state without impacting any branches by switching back to a branch.

If you want to create a new branch to retain commits you create, you may
do so (now or later) by using -c with the switch command. Example:

  git switch -c <new-branch-name>

Or undo this operation with:

  git switch -

Turn off this advice by setting config variable advice.detachedHead to false

git-lfs filter-process: git-lfs: command not found
fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly
warning: Clone succeeded, but checkout failed.
You can inspect what was checked out with 'git status'
and retry with 'git restore --source=HEAD :/'

Hi thanks for your question!

from the error log it seems that git-lfs is not installed in that machine. it’s a dependency as it helps in downloading large files, such as xcframework (sdk + realm), using git.

Hope this helps and let us know if you still face this issue, thanks!