Error: Only post dataType text is updateable

i’m getting this error: Only post dataType text is updateable.
This appears when trying to update a post that isn’t just a text.
We need to use our custom data type for example to have title, topic, hash tags, but apparently this data cannot be updated. Moreover, if we use custom data, then we cannot update the post at all.
Is there a workaround? This is a big deal for us.

Custom post type is not yet updatable - however workaround can be done on by defining a custom convention for the app to parse and detect whether the post is ordinary text post or a custom post, for example -

If it’s a json-based custom data you can just create convention of text message with content:
" [##{"foo":"bar", "foo2":"bar2"}#]] "
and use regexp
to detect when you’re rendering the post. If a post’s text message tested positive for this regexp it means it is a custom post – and you can put the capture group within the ( ) into JSON.parse