Error: Session state cannot change from

Hi there,

I have an error when I am not working with my react-native application for a while but the app is in the foreground at the same time.

I am getting this error. What is the reason?
Amity SDK (800000): Session state cannot change from establishing to tokenExpired

Hi @Tech can we pls confirm the SDK version being used? Thank you

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Hi @Tech,

Seems like you have found an edge case. The SDK tries to renew the auth token when it’s about to expire or expired.

Seems like the the request is canceled and the request that is being canceled is the one to update the session. I’ll create a ticket for it and keep you updated on the progress. :slight_smile:

c.c @amitysupport

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Thank you. RN and Amity SDK versions:

"react-native": "0.70.6",
"@amityco/ts-sdk": "0.0.1-beta.39",

Hi @Tech

The issue should be fixed now.

Thank you,
Amity Support

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