Flutter amityChannel.unreadCount is always null

Hi guys, I noticed, that the unreadCount for my user is always null for a channel (even when I joined the channel - listening on channel updates is not including unreadCounts either.

Is it even supported in the flutter sdk? Or is the Channel based unreadCount just not implemented?

looks like unreadCount is not implemented.
unreadCount is commented out

Hello @jdde! Thank you for your question and investigation. An ability to retrieve an unread count in channels is not available in the Flutter SDK yet. As the Flutter SDK is still in the beta stage, some features may be missing compared to other platforms. We definitely have a plan to support the feature in the Flutter SDK as well. We will keep you updated

Hi, @Trust that’s really unfortunate, for our implementation it’s definitely crucial, else the user doesn’t know, that he has new messages. Is there any roadmap where I can get some information when its planned?

Hi @jdde We are working on this feature and it should be available early Q1 - 2023 :))

Hi @amitysupport when it will be available ?

Hello @IgoTs Unfortunately, we are experiencing a delay in the project timeline, and we are currently unable to provide an estimated timeframe. Once it becomes available, we will update our docs accordingly.