For Chat SDK of flutter how to send Audio or video message?


Any one knows how to use Send audio and Send video message by flutter amity sdk?
Please help
Any help will be appreciated

Hello, as of now, audio and video messages are not supported in our Flutter SDK.

Is there any API is there we can use for that?
Or any update will come in some time?
Can we use by Platform channel of iOS and Android?

We have an API for message creation available here: Amity API. Currently, we don’t have a specific timeline for adding this feature to Flutter.

For audio and video messaging on iOS and Android, please use the respective SDKs:

But my full app is in flutter code.
Only for Video message we cant not use native SDK.
Except flutter platform channel.
Will it work properly.?

Unfortunately, no. As Flutter does not support audio and video messages at this time. Therefore, we recommend using our API for those functionalities.

Is there any example of video message api or audio message api ?
I need it for implement in the application for video message.
Please help me out as I have informed client for amity SDK and now I can’t change due to this functionality.

Can I use this SDK for flutter app or not?
As we need Chat, Group Chat, Photo & Video Chat, Reaction, mention all the features in the flutter app.

Hello, with Flutter, you can develop chat functionality and send text, images, and files, but currently, audio and video messages are not supported. For audio and video messages, we suggest using our API:

Upload audio file: Amity API
Upload video: Amity API
Create message API: Amity API
Create chat:
Send messages: Send a Message | Amity Docs
Add reaction: Message Reaction | Amity Docs

How to get 1:1 chat list for flutter SDK to fetch all Chat list?.
I am not able to get that in any document.
Please help for that.

Hello, it should be this section: Query Channels | Amity Docs :slight_smile:

Will This work for 1:1 user’s chat list?
Query Channels | Amity Docs

Yes, you can choose the type ‘conversation’

  • types : type of channel to search for - conversation , broadcast , live or community

I am not able to connect with Amity.
Is there any specific contact details available to connect?
Already submitted form with my organization(Codeworks consulting or Techark).
Please check this and update.
As I need to purchase for Amit SDK.

@puja From the issue you’re encountering, could you please provide more details about the specific error message you’re seeing when trying to connect with Amity? Additionally, could you capture a screenshot of the error for us to review and diagnose the problem accurately?

The Boys App reached out to you and we haven’t received a response as to how can we create an account within Amity?

@puja For your guidance on creating an Amity account, you can refer to the following documents:

  1. Amity Getting Started Guide
  2. Amity Portal Getting Started Guide for Analytics and Moderation

Additionally, if you need further assistance or wish to contact our sales team, please visit this link: Contact Amity Sales Team

Additionally, you mentioned that The Boys App has contacted us. Could you please specify through which channel they reached out to us? This will help us locate their communication and provide further assistance.

I have got the Amit account and thanks for that. Looking forward for great experience.
But by mistake Server Region: Singapore
I want to change this to “United States”.

Is there any way to change this? Or how to change that?
Any help will be appreciated.

Hello @puja, you can simply create a new application for the US and utilize the Singapore one for other purposes, such as a testing environment, etc.

Is for Testing application and main app MAU will be counted differently?
Is there any way to remove this app?
Because client will ask if he/she will see multiple apps in this account.

Hello @puja, all application MAUs are collectively counted.

If you wish to proceed with deleting the app, you can submit your request using the following link: