Get Follow count for server site

I’m using GET ​/api​/v4​/users​/:userId​/followInfo from swagger
I want to get the follower / following count to process on my nodejs backend which using GCP.

I’m trying to pass our userId to get the data, but always get 404. Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong

Hi @JustTod - from looking at your code you’re missing path /api/v4/user/ in front? 404 could be error because api endpoint is not found

I have tried adding endpoint like you said${ssoid}/followInfo.

It shows 401 instant, so I try to generate the access token by using Admin account.
(follow this article) I still get 401.

So I tried on swagger and still get 401.

could you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

@JustTod Can you recheck whether you’re calling to the right data center? As far as I understand your system should be in Singapore region which is accessible with or

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Junior mistake. :joy:

thanks for your help.

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