How can I get user information (displayName) from posts?

I am using #create-a-custom-post for user to create a post on community.

          targetId: 'Community123',
          targetType: PostTargetType.CommunityFeed,
          dataType: 'text',
          data: { text: 'new post'},

It seem there is no user information to be shown (only see postedUserId) when I get all posts or post detail.

I would like to get user information to be displayed, how can I get it?

Hi @Kamolla, thank you for your inquiry.
Our team is checking the information and update you soon.

Hello @Kamolla

You will need to fetch the user’s model from the postedUserId data as you already found, via the user repository.

Let me know if that helped,


It’s work Thank you for replying

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