How to disable the limit on getAllUsers() response?

Using UserRepository.getAllUsers() only returns 20 users ? Is there a limit to the response body ? How to disable the limit and fetch all the available users ?

We don’t recommend fetching all the users at once, you can pass a limit of your own.
Which SDK are you using? The answer will depend on that :slight_smile:

Using the latest js-sdk i.e @amityco/js-sdk": "^5.35.3 . The documentation doesn’t describe the set of parameters the function accepts. Could you please help ? :melting_face:

Hey @webo,

Checked the SDK on Js you can’t pass a limit parameter for queryUsers.
Although, the live collection has a method to fetch next or previous page, you could use that to fetch
further results. We would recommend using this approach for a better experience.

liveCollection.nextPage() or liveCollection.prevPage()

I couldn’t find these functions in the documentation ? Could you provide me the link to the page/section where these methods nextPage() & prevPage() are described ? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Sure @webo

You can find the details on this page :slight_smile:

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