How to find a particular channel is created or not?

I have created custom channel id and want to know that it is already created or not. How to know that?

If you’re talking generally about how to check channel by ID you can get channel to check.

However if you’re talking about how to know whether the channel is created right after you call the creation API you should be able to do that by listening to liveObject or observer model (depending on the platform)

I have created custom channel id like (4-5) it comes dynamically according to the login userid but when custom channel id (5-4) then I want it does not create new channel it continue with (4-5) channel id. So how I can do that. Pls help me to get out of this

Can I know which type of channel are you creating? please note that Conversation channel is unique on its membership - so creating new conversation channel with the same member will not be possible Channels - Amity Docs