How to get live incoming messages in IOS SDK?

How to get live incoming messages in IOS SDK?

Hi @Raj here’s the docs for handling live objects : :pray::blush: if you have further question, please let us know.

can you please mention the method that called when any message comes? . i have tried with the following code but not succeed.

Note- Sending a message is working fine, issue with only incoming messages.

private func observeMessages() {
if self.chatInitData?.custSupportChannel != nil {

    messageRepository = AmityMessageRepository(client: AmityManager.shared.client!)
        let userDefaults: UserDefaults = .standard
        let includingTags: [String] = userDefaults.channelPreferenceIncludingTags[(self.chatInitData?.custSupportChannel)!] ?? []
        let excludingTags: [String] = userDefaults.channelPreferenceExcludingTags[(self.chatInitData?.custSupportChannel)!] ?? []
        let filterByParentIdActive: Bool = userDefaults.channelPreferenceFilterByParentIdActive[(self.chatInitData?.custSupportChannel)!] ?? false
        let parentId: String? = userDefaults.channelPreferenceFilterByParentId[(self.chatInitData?.custSupportChannel)!]
        let messagesCollection: AmityCollection<AmityMessage>
        messagesCollection = messageRepository!.getMessages(channelId: (self.chatInitData?.custSupportChannel)!,
                                                         includingTags: includingTags,
                                                         excludingTags: excludingTags,
                                                         filterByParentId: filterByParentIdActive,
                                                         parentId: parentId,
                                                         reverse: reversePreference)
            messagesCollection.observe { [weak self] messages, _, _ in
                Console.log("Message Changed ")

@amitysupport , can you please look here , please provide the solution for this.

Hi @Raj have you declared the AmityNotificationToken ? pls see the reference here:

@amitysupport Thanks , working fine now.

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