How to integrate Amity in angular8+ project?

hi everybody,

i have an angular project and need to integrate Amity chat. Could someone tell me how exactly i can connect it? i have already tried many ways, looked other examples or read documentations but for some reasons it didnt work for me.

Many tks

Hello @huykaiser273 can you please share a bit more detail with us? is there any errors come up? what’s the behaviour when you mentioned that it didn’t work? Also, if you could share screenshots, the steps on how you set it up in detailed, and which examples did you follow? that would be great :blush::pray:

first of all i tried “npm install @amityco/ts-sdk --save” but due to tslint.cmd it didnt work. Then i tried “npm install @amityco/js-sdk --save” and successfully installed.

and i tried to code like this example @amityco/messaging-app-with-angular - CodeSandbox .
For some reasons it didnt work, maybe the configuration.

Its will be great if yoi have any instruction step by step :frowning: . Many tks

or when i cloned the repository above, received this error and cant fix it

Hi @huykaiser273 sorry for late response, this issue seems to come from the angular side, can you please check on this No projects support the ‘serve’ target – CSS STARS