How to retrieve UserId from Amity Console?

In my app I don’t have any backend which will store the UserId, is there any way to retrieve the UserId from the amity console itself?

Hello @IMKalpataru Are you referring to these UserID? They’re already available on your console. Please help explain a bit more if these are not what you’re looking for.

hi @amitysupport, I understand Admin can get it from the console. is there any API that will help to get the UserID form console for the mobile/user?
Ex - Suppose a user forgets his userID, how can he retrieve the userID?

In this case, you would use userID as username ? and then retrieve username if the user forgot, which is similar case to when a user forgot password? Is this the use case you would like to achieve?

Yes, correct. I am using the userID as the username.

private fun registerDevice(userId: String, displayname: String? = "") {
            .apply {
                if(!displayname.isNullOrEmpty()) {
            .doOnComplete {
                val intent = Intent(this,
            .doOnError {
                findViewById<View>("Could not register user " + handleErrors(
                    throwable = it.logThrowable()))

In case the user forgets his userID/userName, how can he retrieve his userId?

@IMKalpataru After double checked with the team, there isn’t a method/function to achieve this at the moment, we would recommend you to implement the authentication logic on your end.

Thank you!! for confirmation.