How to start a server with an API KEY and a sandbox project

Hi, we are a Brazilian company and have problems starting the sandbox with our API key. Every time that someone refreshes the web application, the sign-in page it’s shows again and none of our posts are saved.

Hey @rtoledo could you please list down the steps you did when you set up this project? and which document did you follow?

We are using our POC based on GitHub - AmityCo/Amity-Social-Cloud-UIKit-Web-OpenSource, with the example that exists, we need a user ID.
So, looking and searching in the documentation, we tried and were not founded. Can we schedule a meeting?

For userId , It can be any userId which you can set by your own choices e.g const userId = 'userA';

For UI Kit code implementation, you can follow our code sandbox as a guildline (serverless-monad-w00hst - CodeSandbox).

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