I want to update a video in my post its working fine for image update but when i update video it give null only text shows after post

Here above attactchment that is already getting from post

when i print attachment it shows
log: file…[AmityFileInfo(_fileProperties: AmityFileProperties(fileId: 661ceac6d98bdda750a6882b_thumb_0111112, fileUrl: null, type: null, createdAt: null, updatedAt: null, name: null, ext: null, size: null, mimeType: null, height: null, width: null, isFull: null))]

@nomanali31 The issue you are experiencing is due to our API not yet supporting the ability to update a video on a post. We will notify our Product team about this as a service enhancement. Once it becomes available, we will inform you again.

Please provide the solution as soon as possible i need this functionality urgent how i can update a post without video

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