It is possible to create custom post?

If I want to bookmark the particular post then how I can do that ?

Hi @infowind - you can save bookmarked post of each user by storing them in user metadata via the instruction here: Users - Amity Docs

can I filter the data by metadata’s value

Do you mean you want to filter user by metadata or filter post IDs based on the user’s metadata? The latter you can use SDK Posts - Amity Docs to get post by their IDs

I want to add true or false for bookmark while creating the post. For that you said, add the value of bookmark in metadata but metadata is not possible at the time of create post.
and I want to get post according to the bookmarked value like I want to get those posts whose bookmark value is true

Is the bookmark something specific to a user (e.g. a user can bookmark a set of posts they like, and another user can bookmark another set of posts) or is it specific to the post (e.g. that post is bookmarked for everyone in the system)?

It is just like a like-dislike / comment to the particular post. Logged user can get multiple post and its his choice that which post he want to bookmark

I want to create this type of post where like-dislike will handle by AddReaction() funtion but I want to add bookmark reaction

Got it - so can I check whether the following approach works?

  1. Create & display posts as usual
  2. Once a user click bookmark on a post (let’s say Post ID “foo”, “bar”), trigger update user api User - Amity Docs to add into metadata:
"metadata": {"bookmarks": ["foo", "bar"]}
  1. Once you want to render all bookmarked posts, you can retrieve post IDs from User’s metadata - then you can use Posts - Amity Docs to retrieve those bookmarked posts by IDs

and what about filter I want to get only those posts who’s marked as bookmark. Is filter is possible in metadata’s value

Since the post IDs are stored inside user metadata - you can just loop over metadata.bookmarks and get each post by ID ?