Maximum Concurrent Connection Overuse


I recently received the latest invoice and noticed that we have exceeded the maximum concurrent connections. According to the invoice, we are being charged $324 for this over-usage. However, I would like to bring to your attention that we have ONLY ONE Monthly Active User (MAU), so why did we get an additional 216 concurrent connections?

As our application is still in the development phase and not yet live, it is highly unlikely that we have reached this limit. Moreover, our team consists of only three people who have been primarily focusing on other features, rather than utilizing the chat functionality last month.

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@amitysupport Can you help here, please?

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Hello, thank you for reaching out to us, please allow us to investigate this further and will get back to you asap :pray:

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Hello, @amitysupport!

Can you please provide me with the Amity support team’s email because we need to schedule a meeting to discuss this issue and its legal implications?

Hello, our team has been informed and received the email @aashrafh sent to us regarding the Maximum Concurrent Connection Overuse. After thorough internal discussions, we have taken note of your concern. Rest assured, our team will promptly address the matter and provide you with any essential information via email, thank you :pray: