Messages and notifications

Questions from a potential customer:

Could we use Amity SDKs to power a notification center and push content from the app (not necessarily linked with social features ?)
Could we use Amity SDKs to power a message center (that is regrouping and sending messages from/to different sources (providing we have the necessary APIs)
Could we integrate your admin panel with ours?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Bob Thank you for your inquiry, the team is acknowledged and will get back to you asap :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Bob - apology for the late response,

  • Yes you can use your social feed to be the notification feed and push content as custom post via backend api calls
  • This could also be achieved although it requires more customization on your backend code where you need to tap into incoming message system, perform the aggregation and push that as custom post into user feed
  • No our admin panel does not support whitelabeling / frontend integration. However all operations performed on our admin panel is also exposed with API - so you can build your admin console with the same functionality with our admin panel.
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