Multi DC support

The docs here gives me impression that I can connect to same application from different endpoints.

For example, if I create an app in SG, I can set the code to connect to US endpoint for users accessing from US. Is my understanding correct? Because I tested it but it didn’t work.

Here’s what I tested:

  1. Create an app in SG
  2. Get the api key and create new client while setting the apiEndpoint to ApiEndpoint.US
  3. Send a message

The message went thru (tho the dataStatus is stuck in local) but it never reach my SG console.

Hi @wzulfikar - the Api Endpoint should be the same with the data center the app is created in. Users connecting from US or anywhere in the world will always be routed to our CDN’s nearest Point-of-Present that will then route through our server.

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Cool! That’s better then.