Only my posts are coming in globalFeed

There are so many post created by different users, every user is trying to fetch globalFeeds but getting only those posts which are posted by them. although globalFeeds is aspected to return all posts by all users.

Hello, the content or posts displayed in global feeds are contributions from the users you are following and the communities you have joined. Could you please check and confirm whether you are following those users?

How much time it will take me to see my followings feeds, as I(314) is following user 721, but unable to view user721 posts in global feed instantly,
Also when I created any post this will take some time (around 5 minutes) to view in globalFeed, Is this an expected behaviour?

Yes, this is expected behavior as your feed is currently sorted by engagement, I presume. If you would like the posts to appear more quickly in the feed, we recommend changing the sorting algorithm to chronological.

To proceed with changing the feed algorithm, please submit a request to us through this channel:, and select “General enquiry”.