Posts tab in cloud console empty after making new post

Why is the “Posts” tab in my Cloud Console still empty, even after adding a new post as a user?

Hi @ham May I ask did you post on user feed or community feed ? can you pls help capture the screenshot of the console where you found it’s empty? Thank you :pray:

Hi @amitysupport, absolutely - sorry I tried to add it in my original post but I was limited to only 1 image.


Thanks @ham and one more thing to confirm, you posted on your timeline ? not in a community, correct?

Yes that’s correct.

Sorry if I’m being stupid - I’m just trying to understand how things are meant to work and I can’t see anything in the docs telling me that some posts are not visible in the console. I guessed that as Admins, we should see every post. Is that wrong @amitysupport?

Hello Ham, currently, not all posts are showing here. It depends on post and search type, you can search posts by selecting search type from the dropdown.

Can you please try search that post by userID ?

You can find userID from user management tab

If you still cannot find those posts, the team will do further checking on this, can you please provide postID and userID ? :blush::pray: