Problem in adding posts and retrieving it?

I try to make a post with video or audio or photo ,
and try to put in attachments the fileId for the video or audio or photo,
and give me that the post added successfully but in the response for this can’t find the video or the audio or photo
and when make query for user I didn’t found any thing but the user is already added posts and the ids for this posts is already exists so what should I do please

Hi @hossam so the steps should be:

  1. Upload your file:

  2. Grab the returned fileId
    "fileId": "85d079d816474ac29c07b572ef34fb81"

  3. Create a post, put fileId in the request

 "attachments": [
      "fileId": "85d079d816474ac29c07b572ef34fb81",
      "type": "image"
  1. After successfully creating the post, you should find the fileId either under “postChildren”: or “files”: .

Files won’t be included in the user query since it wasn’t designed to function that way. To access uploaded files, you’ll need to query the posts that contain those files.

Hello I really appreciate your answer
but I already make all you told to me but the files still doesn’t appear in postChildren and
files ?

Could you please share your full curl command and a screenshot with us via our support email: We will assist you in identifying the issue. Thank you.

Hey I already send email to your support using my email
can anyone reply to me in this please ?

Hello @hossam , We apologize for the delay. We have now responded to you.

Hello I wait you for response about polls why doesn’t attach it to my post and I make every thing fine?
I already send again using

We have already responded back to you 2 hours ago, kindly check your email.