RateLimit issue in amity UIkit

We are experiencing an issue with Amity UI Kit.
Issue: Page not loading, web socket connect is failing. We noticed that most of our customers are unable to view feeds. We have a community that has 2770 posts.

Need help to solve this issue as early as possible.

@amityco/ui-kit”: “^2.14.1”,
@types/react”: “^18.0.18”,
@types/react-dom”: “^18.0.6”,

Hello, may I know your app server region, please? US/EU/SG?

Hello Support Team,

It’s from the US

Hello, could you please retest again if the error is still occurring?

Hello, It loads now, I can see all the feeds now.
What was the fix?
Is there any limit we need to maintain for each community?